Our Mission

Maybe it was gut instinct. Maybe it was the obvious next step after creating a destination studio in the Texas hills for artists and a community concert series. Maybe it was that we have met so many folks, young and old, who are courageously claiming their own gifts—finding their own voices. Maybe it's that we looked at the culture and saw a numbing cloud of commerce and conformity. Okay, for these reasons and probably others we don't yet know, we started something, and it's starting us. The Blue Rock Foundation is a call to creative life—a song, a whisper, a battle cry to inspire growth, courage, insight, and skill. For individuals. For community. Here's what we've come to love and to say out loud.

creative engagement for everyone

That's it.  Who's entitled to a life of discovery? You are. And we're gonna find every way we can to inspire and encourage you. Who may tap the creative spirit of this age? All of us.
It's something we hold in common. 

Dodee and Billy Crockett, The Blue Rock Foundation

Board members

Billy Crockett is a music producer, songwriter, recording artist, and the Creative Director of Blue Rock Studio. He holds a Master of Liberal Arts Degree from Southern Methodist University, has recorded twelve solo albums, and has performed internationally. Billy is a multi-instrumentalist, and has produced albums for Cliff Eberhardt, Grace Pettis, Beth Wood, RJ Cowdery, Darryl Purpose, and others. Billy's recent folk/pop release is Rabbit Hole.

Dodee Crockett is the Director of Hospitality and Celebrations at Blue Rock Studio. Outside Blue Rock, she works as an investment advisor and philanthropic advocate. She serves on the executive and advisory boards of several non-profits including The Blue Rock Foundation and Public Radio International.

Dirje Childs is a freelance improvisational cellist who has enhanced the work of artists in the studio and on the road. She is a self-taught composer performing and recording original music, and a radio host for Wimberley Valley Radio. Dirje is also a licensed professional counselor and trainer with 20-plus years experience with groups and individuals across a variety of clinical settings. Currently, she is completing certification as a Music Practitioner, taking her cello bedside into hospice and hospitals to facilitate rest and healing.



Eileen Chick Morgan is a specialist in organizational development and strategy implementation. She is the founder of Ethical Capital, a consulting, training, and organizational strategy component of BarnHouse Enterprises. Chick is also a Wimberley Valley Radio host, a singer songwriter, and cabaret artist.